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Fashionary sketchbook


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Although it's used and beloved by fashion students and professional designers everywhere, Fashionary is also an amateur's best friend. And I say that as a proud amateur. From the outside, it looks like a classic black notebook, complete with ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure and pocket in the back. But the pages are printed with a dot-line drawing of a female figure — three per page — for you to sketch garments or outfits on top of. You needn't have any figure-drawing skills: Even crude line drawings like mine (shown here) look perfectly lovely! (If you do have shading and coloring skills, go to town!)

The figure template is faint enough to be a guide without interfering with your drawing. And faint enough that you can also use the pages to write notes, paste in reference images, etc. So whether you're simply wardrobe planning with garments in your closet, plotting out your sewing/knitting queue, or designing your next collection, you'll find it both fun and invaluable.

On top of which, the front of the book is a "fashion dictionary" full of standard measurements, stitches, symbols, and sample drawings of classic garments and accessories for reference.

- 5.5 x 8.25 inches
- ribbon bookmark and elastic band closure
- pocket in back
- 164 pages (34 pg dictionary)
- printed in China

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