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Fashionary Panels


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Just like the ingenious Fashionary sketchbook, these Fashionary Panels are pre-printed with faint templates for you to draw over, so it looks like you know how to draw even if you don't. (See how good my crude line drawings look!) They use the same ecru paper stock and pale orange ink, but in this case they're larger templates printed on accordion-fold sheets, which are also perforated so you can pull them apart if you wish. And they're printed front and back, so you get a variety of options.

The "Women's Figure" panels have a full-length forward-facing figure on the fronts and side-facing figure on the backs. Each package contains 6 accordion-fold "panels" of 9 perforated pages each, printed both sides, for a total of 108 figures. Now contained in a sturdy grey paperboard folio.

- 3.75 x 8 inches
- 6 perforated double-sided panels of 9 pages each, 108 pages total
- light orange ink on ecru paper
- printed in China

(Pictured with Knitters Graph Paper Journal and Fashionary Sketchbook, both sold separately.)

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