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Image of Selvedge magazine zoom On Sale
Image of Selvedge magazine zoom On Sale
Image of Selvedge magazine zoom On Sale

Selvedge magazine

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Selvedge is one of the most enticing magazines I know. It's a larger-format, perfect-bound, British magazine full of articles and lush photos that will thrill anyone who's a nerd for the history and culture of textiles and fashion/costume design.

Issue 77, Chakra, is all about India!

SOLD OUT Issue 76, Trade Winds, includes a profile of London yarn shop Loop, histories of everything from Acadian Brown Cotton to Vietnamese whitework and Bottari; Virginia Woolf's life in clothes; the rise of Indian textiles in US fashion; a textile tour of France; and lots more

Issue 75, Endeavour (not pictured), includes a short history of the smock (such beautiful embroidery!); stories on the US textile industry, how lace saved lives in the Irish famine, the revival of the French worker's jacket, a small-batch raw denim enterprise in Brighton, workwear in 20th-century painting; and lots more

• SOLD OUT Issue 74 includes a beautiful hat pattern by Hilary Grant! Along with June Cashmere's work in Kyrgyzstan and Tengri's in Mongolia; an incredible photo series capturing "contemporary incarnations of mythical folkloric characters" (I want to frame them!); Josef Frank's legendary botanical prints; how Siberians stay warm (amazing textiles and garments); a French designer living and collaborating in Peru ... and so much more.

Issue 73 (not pictured) covers the Jazz influence on ’20s fashion; the history of the sequin; an article about medieval embroidery; visits to St. Petersburg and a period-drama costume prop shop; and lots, lots more.

- 98 pages
- perfect bound, with coated card-weight cover
- 9.25 x 9.25 inches
- made in the UK

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